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so here's the deal

My name is Jess (she/her). I'm a "digital professional," a gal who loves many nerdy things, and a biiiig fan of LEGO bricks. And I happen to be trans!

I created this site to share my LEGO creations and provide resources & insight into my journey for friends, family and everyone else who visits as I come out. Take a look around!

new to "trans stuff?"

No worries! It has been an educational journey for me too :). If this is a new topic for you, then I recommend starting here:

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City Hall in progress

building spotlight

I bought a bunch of sand green slope bricks knowing they were fairly rare. But it took a while deciding what to do with them.

My first thought was that they looked like “government green:” I could easily imagine them on a D.C. rooftop.

And so my "City Hall" modular was born, aiming for something slightly more substantial than the official Town Hall set.

It's finally complete! After a nearly three-year hiatus I finally finished the interior of the building, in large parts thanks to streaming on Twitch!

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recent posts & pics

know your terms
There is a lot of language that might feel new to those who haven’t dived into this world. Let’s cover some basics.

faith + trans = ?
There are few things I wrestled with more on my journey than my faith. Here’s how it played out and where I’ve found peace.

frequently asked questions
After a through times through the coming out gauntlet, I’ve learned there are some common questions that arise.

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