I've loved building with LEGO bricks as far back as I can remember. My ambitions exceeded my abilities (& LEGO supply) until the official Cafe Corner building was released in 2007.

I thought, "Woah - that scale is totally doable." I realized my dream city could actually be a practical reality. Now I'm 30+ buildings and 70+ vehicles into a building spree that shows no signs of stopping!

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City Hall in progress

building spotlight

I bought a bunch of sand green slope bricks knowing they were fairly rare. But it took a while deciding what to do with them.

My first thought was that they looked like “government green:” I could easily imagine them on a D.C. rooftop.

And so my "City Hall" modular was born, aiming for something slightly more substantial than the official Town Hall set.

It's finally complete! After a nearly three-year hiatus I finally finished the interior of the building, in large parts thanks to streaming on Twitch!

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notable past creations

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Loft Apartments & Shops with Wine Store

First town area - SM&NC

Imperial Brig
Fire Department Vehicles

County Courthouse - Dark Green roof

LEGO Cargo Train

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